You have a lot on your plate. Your days are filled building and running your church or ministry. It can be difficult to slow down enough to make sure that you and your family are taken care of and protected.

After nearly twenty years of working with pastors and ministers, I understand those needs and challenges. More importantly, I understand the opportunities. 

I can help you by protecting your most valuable asset - your intellectual property. My work with pastors and ministers also includes such critical areas as:

  • Preparing the right Employment Agreement between you and your church or ministry

  • Managing your Intellectual Property Rights

  • Helping you properly maximize your housing allowance

  • Building your own business based on your content


Email me to receive a FREE COPY OF ONE OF TWO E-BOOKS A Legal Guide to Starting a Church or Ministry OR How to Get and Protect Your Ministry's Tax-Exempt Status. These practical, easy to follow legal guides will answer many of your questions and help you build on a solid legal foundation!

A new E-Book just for Pastors and Ministers is coming soon!

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